Our core values are founded on two primary principles: The integrity of a proper education, and the preservation of culture & history from which this education was derived.

Histories rarely give justice to the brilliant cultural contribution brought forth by Islamic educational development. We intend on changing that.



Academic Excellence

Meraj Academy's academic program is crafted with all aspects of a child's emotional, social and cognitive development in mind.  We believe that our children can best acquire knowledge & skills through a curriculum that is well-built with foundations in the histories, mathematics, natural sciences and cultural studies, complemented by participation in various special subject areas & physical education.

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Islamic Studies & Culture

Culture, religion, and ethics are woven naturally into the fabric of higher educational learning at Meraj Academy. The understanding of our ancestors, culture, and islamic heritage supports the international and philosophical diversity of our students. It inspires them to reflect upon the value of traditional, culture, and faith that have long been of great significance to human society.

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A Beautiful Environment

Meraj Academy is located in Chatsworth, a suburb of Los Angeles, California that retains its Western Charm in the mountainous landscape. The campus is along a private canyon road, along which another school and ranches are situated. The classrooms and other facilities, which include administrative offices, field, basketball court, and lunch areas, are all spread out across the 2.5 acre campus.

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