Affiliation Request for Accreditation... Accepted!

It is with great honor and pride, Meraj Academy is ecstatic, to announce that our request for ASC-WASC Accreditation has been accepted.

We're now on our path to being an advanced educational system that is accepted & recognized worldwide


• Assures a school community school is trustworthy for student learning in a global society

• Validates integrity of school’s program and transcripts worldwide for university acceptance

• Fosters ongoing improvement to support learning

• Provides valuable insight from educators visiting the school

• Benefits schools choosing collaborative processes, e.g., ACS WASC/CDE

There are at present two systems of education. The first, traditional, which has confined itself to classical knowledge, has not shown any keen interest in new branches of knowledge that have emerged in the West nor in new methods of acquiring knowledge important in the Western system of education..The second system of education imported into Muslim countries, fully subscribed to and supported by all governmental authorities, is one borrowed from the West. At the head of this system is the modern University which is totally secular and hence nonreligious in its approach to knowledge.