Me’raj Academy is proud to offer qualified students with Financial Aid & Scholarship opportunities. Our program is special, however, because we do not receive any funds from the local, state, or federal government.

100% of Me’raj Academy’s financial aid and scholarship systems are funded by private donors who have contributed generously for the benefit of future students. These donors, who choose to remain anonymous, share Me’raj Academy’s vision for a successful future generation; one that is based on a firm Islamic foundation.

Me’raj Academy is grateful to have the opportunity to provide qualified students with need based financial aid as well as meritorious scholarships. If you have questions about our Financial Aid or Scholarships, please call us immediately.

Due to the donative nature of our Financial Aid system, funds are dispersed on a first come first served basis. Because of the high volume of emails we receive, we recommended calling or stopping by. Please visit our “Contact” section for details.